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Being Inclusive and Diverse - DE&I - Trains AI to Close the Gaps and Remove Bias

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

As the presence of AI grows and becomes part of the fabric of our daily lives, being aware of interactions with AI and mindful of DE&I has become more important than ever
The presence of voice AI is growing in our daily lives.

The images we consume shape how we see the world. They have the power to challenge toxic narratives or reinforce them. To lift the burden of a lie or double it's weight. By being inclusive and diverse while developing the brand stories we tell, we represent real audiences and reflect the world as it truly is.

The web platforms we use like Facebook and Google and UI/UX interfaces in apps are AI based. The data collection emerging is beginning to highlight the the gaps in equal and diverse representation occurring in something known as AI bias.

Simply put, AI bias is an anomaly in the output of machine learning algorithms. One reason they occur is in part due to prejudiced assumptions made during the algorithm development process. But with greater frequency, they are showing up as a result of prejudices which occur during the data input and training process.

Isn’t DE&I and AI Training a Google or Facebook Problem?

Yes and no. As a collective, we are the ones who are training the machines with our actions, so it's our job to teach the machines; who are learning from us and processing the data collection.

As the presence of AI grows and becomes a more present as a part of the fabric of our daily lives; being aware of interactions with AI and mindful of DE&I has become more important than ever to shape culture and the world we live in.

As so many of us are engaged with online storytelling and branding, the messages and stories we create are reflections of the values we hold. As creators of the messages and stories AI is learning from us and about our values, and it's our responsibility to create stories that more accurately depict the world we live in.

Evaluate Being Inclusive and Diverse with Creative Decisions at Every Stage of the Process.

As an agency or marketing executive, we are trusted by brands and businesses to create an identity that reflects company values.

Being inclusive and diverse can be integrated into the any brand strategy, be it creating ads for social media, creating large audience experience design or building brand archetypes.

5 Questions to Guide You Through the Process of Being More Inclusive and Diverse:

Does my team reflect the communities whose stories we want to tell?

• Are we collaborating with people from diverse communities and cultures?

Does this message or ad elevate the story and reflect the diversity of

traditionally underrepresented or marginalized groups?

Are characters depicted with the agency?

Does the portrayal challenge tropes and stereotypes?

We know the messages and images we create are powerful and carry the potential for profit and growth for business. Considering the greater impact a message has on values in the world and how it will inform the AI on the platforms and in the apps we use matters.

Choosing to be inclusive and diverse we represent real audiences that inform AI more accurately of the world we live in. And benefit again when we rely on AI to reach our customers.

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Mary Ellen Schrock is the CDO and Chief Disruptor of Floh Creative. As a bright, intuitive creative she has a passion for solving complex design and marketing challenges, especially when they require translating branding needs into compelling concepts and brand stories.

Mary Ellen loves building successful brands! She created Floh Creative as a place to share her talents to build brands and information that will help business grow.

Sources: Google Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media An Intersectional Analysis of Race Representation in Advertising, August 28, 2020. Facebook Business Analytics. AI Multiple, "Bias in AI: What it is, Types & Examples, How & Tools to fix it.", February 13, 2021. 5 Steps to Guide You Through the Process of Being More Inclusive and Diverse presented by Floh Creative are based on the McKinsey & Company Best Practices of AI Bias Minimization.


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